SA/NT President Report

As the year begins to settle down it is important to look back on our achievements for the year. Firstly, welcome Northern Territory to SCA!

We have joined our chapters and look forward to what this will bring to members as we explore the synergy we have together from the north to the south. As we each respond to the ever-changing environment, we grow the industry stronger and closer. We have been able to continue to chip away at our advocacy efforts with the government show that we are prepared to take actions to assist in engaging communities, disbursing critical information amongst constituents and proving that we are actively working to improve our industry. With the cancellation and postponement of events we have shifted our focus to webinars and casual meet ups to ensure members remain satisfied with their membership benefits and education. We look forward to evolving this in the future.

In 2019, we hosted the CHU SCA (SA) awards night to recognise and reward the individuals who have made a significant impact and contribution to our industry in South Australia. With a year full of turbulence surrounding the building industry, it was a pleasure to look around the room and see the members that are at the forefront of industry striving to not only maintain but progress the industry.

Over the last month I have had the opportunity to meet with other stakeholders on behalf of members. Whilst the discussion on land tax in the state has been a fiery one, it continues to challenge both sides to come to a compromise. Marc and I met with Daniel Gannon – Property Council (SA President) to get an insight into the matter and as a result Property Council will be providing a summary to our members and updates so that we can disseminate information to the clients that are affected. I met with Registrar General, Jenny Cottnam and was able to discuss SCA (SA/NT) opportunities to advise the department on practical issues that pertain to CTA and STA titles properties. This will be an ongoing meeting format and will now be in conjunction with round table discussions with the other members.

Joshua Baldwin




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