Membership Types of SCA (ACT)

Membership Types of SCA (ACT)

Membership Types of SCA (ACT)

Corporate Member
Is a voting member who is representing a firm practising in the business of Owners Corporation Management. Must hold Professional Indemnity Insurance cover and Public Liability Insurance cover as required by the Unit Titles Act 2001.

Practising Member
Person employed by a Corporate Member firm and has passed the required qualifications of the Institute. This is a non voting member.

Associate Member
Person who is an Owners Corporation Manager employed by a Member or a person who has been admitted to a professional association or has some other standing in the community which the Committee believes makes that person suitable. This is a non voting member.

Student Member
A person studying to become an Associate or Practising Member and employed by a Member. This is a non voting member.

Corporate Service Provider Member
A person engaged in the provision of ancillary services to Owners Corporation Management.

Owners Corporation Member
A person who is a duly elected office bearer of an Owners Corporation may be permitted as a non-voting member.

Fellow Member
A Practising Member or fulfils the requirements of a practising member for a continuous period of 10 years.