Understanding Strata



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Strata and community title schemes around Australia use a bewildering variety of different words for the same things.

Although a few words are very commonly used in different states and territories (such as 'lot', which means a portion of a property that can be separately owned and sold) most are not.

In some cases the same word or words are used by different states but with different meanings (like 'unanimous resolution').

This unfortunate situation is a legacy of the way strata legislation developed in different states.

Strata Community Association hopes that through building awareness of the differences our nation will start using the same words.

On this website

To make things less confusing, a few common strata terms are used across the national pages of this website:

  • Owners Corporation (also known as a body corporate, strata corporation, strata company or corporation)
  • Committee (also known as an executive committee, managing committee, committee of management, and council)
  • Strata Manager (also known as a owners corporation manager, body corporate manager, agent or strata managing agent, or just manager).

State and territory pages will continue to use their own terminology.

Terminology by state and territory