Understanding Strata



An owners corporation committee can form sub-committees that can include people who aren't on the management committee, to advise on specific issues, such as landscaping or building sustainability.

Apart from giving people with a specific interest a voice, having a sub-committee pursue a specific task allows information to be gathered and digested and presented to the owners committee in a form where members don’t face the usual choice of either doing the hard yards themselves or voting on issues about which they know nothing.

Obviously, the sub-committee needs at least one member of the management committee on it, if only to present its findings to the management committee as a whole. And obviously it can only ever have an advisory role.

Tapping into the energy and enthusiasm that may exist amongst some owners on a particular subject via a sub-committee is a great way to be more inclusive and more informed.

Sub-committees are also a good proving ground for future potential management committee members.

To create sub-committees, it helps to provide owners with a simple explanation of how the process can work.

Doing so can help those who want to make a difference but have previously felt they lacked the time, energy and knowledge to do anything about it.