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Code of Conduct


The SCA Code of Conduct has been prepared in consultation with State Boards and Chapter Executive Committees and establishes the principles that govern the conduct of SCA Members in the context of the strata environment.

Not only is applying common sense, fairness, integrity and good judgement a part of best business practice but it is also an integral part of the SCA Code of Conduct. Whilst this Code does not list every possible ethical issue that may arise, it does set out clear requirements that each Member of the SCA is required to adhere too, both in letter and spirit.

Click on the links below to access the documents.

SCA National Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct Complaint Form

Complaints Management Process (CMP)

This Code is in three parts: 

Part One: Applies to all SCA Members 

Part Two: Applies to specific sectors within the SCA State Member Body / Chapter, being: a. Strata Community Managers / Body Corporate Managers / Owners Corporation Managers; and b. Suppliers. 

Part Three: Deals with making complaints and enforcement and disciplinary procedures of this Code.


Ensure to review Notes and Instructions prior to completing and submitting the Complaint Form. Also consider the following when making a complaint:

•     Determine why you want to make a complaint and the outcome you seek.
•     What is the complaint about and who is it directed to?
•     Have you gathered evidence to support your complaint?
•     Is the evidence objective?

o    Only provide evidence that is specific to the allegations
o    All evidence (including emails) must be placed in chronological order.

•     Do others within your strata scheme support the making of this complaint?
•     Has your committee endorsed the making of this complaint?

The applicant of the complaint is required to:

  • Align each allegation with a section of the SCA Code of Conduct.

  • Each section in breach must be included in the application.

  • Only provide evidence that is specific to each allegation.

  • All evidence (including emails) must be placed in chronological order. 

Accessibility, accountability, efficiency, fairness and integrity are principles of the Complaint Management Process (CMP). In the event of an alleged breach of the SCA Code of Conduct, both the complainant and respondent should read this document, which contains:

•    Principles of the Complaint Management Process
•    To whom does this Complaints Management Process apply
•    The Complaints Management Process
•    Stage 1 – lodging a complaint and initial processing
•    Stage 2 – investigation of a complaint
•    Stage 3 – Analysis, findings, disciplinary action and the PSMBAG
•    Appeals Process


* Only complaints made against current SCA Members are considered.

Allegations of breach of the Code must be made in writing using the online Code of Conduct Complaint Form.

For queries, please contact or 0434 706 770.

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