Strata Management Practice Standard

Strata Community Association (SCA) has developed a Strata Management Practice Standard (SMPS), which is offered to SCA members as an opportunity to further their professional standing in the strata management industry.

The SMPS is a voluntary practice standard for strata community management businesses, in relation to their own internal procedures as well as contractual relationships with strata communities.

Through an independent audited process, the SMPS recognises businesses that have developed and adhered to documented internal processes, which are implemented to improve both client satisfaction and internal business processes.

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Why should a business consider SMPS Certification?

Through the SMPS program the Business will establish systems and procedures that will allow an increase in operation, customer satisfaction, productivity, and consistency in delivering service to their clients.

SPS Certification offers your business the following benefits:

  • A listing on the ‘Certified Members Directory’ on the SCA website that all enquirers to SCA are referred to when seeking a strata manager

  • Provides peace of mind for existing and prospective clients knowing the business’s policies, procedures and accounts are audited annually

  • Provides a beneficial training tool for employees, provides employee certainty and promotes retention

  • Reduces risk of professional indemnity claims

  • Provides a competitive advantage and point of difference

  • Use of the SMPS Certified logo for marketing and promotion

The SMPS addresses three areas:

  1. The strata management business (the Business)

  2. The relationship between the Business and a strata community

  3. Other procedures

View the brochure to find out how the SMPS program works.


How to get started?

Download the SMPS Implementation Guideline to identify all the documentation required before you submit your application.


Your workplace will need to prepare a range of policies and procedures​. Depending on your current documentation this may take your business 3-12 months. SCA is working on templates to assist you in this process. 

Applications will be open from 1 January 2021.

Following your application you will be contacted via the Auditor to provide relevant documentation. Should all documentation not be prepared, this may then increase the fee to the auditor so we recommend you finalise all your information prior to submission.

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