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Electric Vehicles in Strata

SCA's Electric Vehicles in Strata - Phase 1 State of Play Report

In response to the rapidly increasing demand for electric vehicles (EVs) in Australia, SCA identified a critical need to investigate the significant, and unique challenges that are faced when integrating EVs into strata complexes, like apartments and townhouses.

This report is the first of two reports to be released by SCA. Our ‘State of Play’ first seeks to establish the progress each jurisdiction throughout Australia has made, specifically towards advancing policies that support the integration of EVs into strata. Our hope is that this report acts as a baseline for future conversations with decision-makers, our members and stakeholders.

SCA is the first organisation to specifically investigate the current support for strata, and outline the multitude of issues that strata faces as a result of EV integration. 


By gaining an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of each jurisdiction’s EV strategy in relation to strata, we may further drive the change necessary to ensure that one of Australia’s largest residential markets is adequately supported.


Image Phase 1 - Electric Vehicles.png

SCA's Electric Vehicles in Strata - Phase 2 EV Challenges Report

In the second of a two-report series, SCA’s Electric Vehicles in Strata Phase 2: Challenges report has been created to address the significant challenges that the strata industry will experience, in the face of future mass integration of EVs into strata complexes as demand continues to skyrocket. 

Purpose of the Electric Vehicles in Strata Phase 2: Challenges Report

  • The purpose of this first of its kind report is to act as a comprehensive analysis of the specific issues that the mass integration of EVs into strata will create. There is no existing resource of this kind, and there is a need for government, key stakeholders and SCA members alike to have access to this information as strata and service managers, governments and infrastructure providers grapple with the challenges EV integration brings.

  • This report is the second of two reports released by SCA. The reason for dividing the reports and investigation into two parts is that it is important to understand what the current level of consideration for these issues is as it is largely impacted at a state level (as opposed to federally), as well as the challenges it will bring.


Phase 2 Report Cover.jpg

National Electric Vehicle Strategy

The National Electric Vehicle Strategy was developed in consultation with industry groups, including SCA, and includes important plans and provisions for including multi-unit dwellings in the federal government’s electric vehicle strategy.

The strategy sets a vision to increase the uptake of electric vehicles (EVs) to reduce our emissions and improve the wellbeing of Australians.

The Strategy sets out 3 key objectives:

  • increase the supply of affordable and accessible EVs

  • establish the resources, systems and infrastructure to enable rapid EV uptake

  • encourage increased EV demand.


Read more about the Strategy here.

Peak Strata Body Releases Electric Vehicles in Strata ‘Challenges’ Report

Wednesday 31 May 2023: Property peak body Strata Community Association (SCA) has released an industry first report, a comprehensive analysis of the specific issues that the mass integration of EVs into strata buildings will create throughout Australia and New Zealand.

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