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Marketing Opportunities with
the Strata Community Association


Strata Community Association is supported by National Partners and Business Supporters, that enable us to deliver our mission, to give expression to the vision of a single voice and identity for the broad strata community in Australia.


Our sponsors are our trusted and preferred suppliers in their area of expertise and we thank them for their ongoing commitment to SCA and for their efforts to the strata industry.


Partners and sponsors of SCA gain a competitive advantage through their participation of a range of member engagement opportunities.

Should you wish to consider opportunities with your state, please contact them today.

Some of the benefits of partnering with Strata Community Australia include:

1. Access


Sponsors of SCA receive access to members in order to make meaningful connections. These connections allow sponsors to educate, inspire and support our members. Opportunities include (but are not limited to) branding exposure on newsletters and email communications, at events, on our website and in our quarterly membership magazine; Inside Strata.

2. Connection


SCA understands that connections are imperative in business, which is why we are dedicated to help build connections. Sponsorship is about much more than advertising. We assist sponsors to get involved in the strata community and create long lasting connections with our encouragement and support.

3. Research


National Partners gain exclusive information about our members, gained from industry surveys and feedback questionnaires. This provides up-to-date statistics and data about target audiences.

4. Influence


SCA is proud of our sponsors and we have chosen them because they are of value to the strata industry. We thank our National Partners for contributing their time, work and knowledge. This relationship between SCA and National Partners develops a positive association for members, as they understand our sponsors are industry leaders. National Partners meet with SCA on regular occasions throughout the year to give their input on important business decisions and events, such as the annual SCA National Convention.

5. Credibility


Strata Community Association is the peak industry body for Body Corporate and Community Title Management in Australia. SCA National Partners are credentialed by SCA according to a strict criteria. This criteria includes: the company must be a demonstrated leader in the industry for at least five years, it must operate in multiple states, be a SCA member for at least two years and be recommended by a Board member. This criteria helps demonstrate that SCA National Partners are true leaders in their respective fields and shows the endorsement and trust that comes from partnering with SCA.


Contact us today


If you are interested in learning more about sponsorship opportunities, please contact us today:

Phone: (02) 9492 8250

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