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Online Mentoring Program
Building a thriving sector


The SCA Australasian Mentoring Program helps to build a thriving strata workforce and continues to provide new entrants to the sector with a support network along with supporting long-term members with mentors to support their professional growth to a new level. This program is supported by Active and partnering with Mentorloop.

Participants are matched outside of their region, anywhere across Australia and New Zealand, to provide professional growth. 

If you are interested in joining the Mentoring Program, please express your interest to enable us to invite you to the program.

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Rebbecca shares an insight into her Mentoring experience - 

"Being a part of the SCA Mentoring Program this year has provided me with the ability to effectively manage our team and my time effectively; learning how to balance my strengths and weaknesses in business.  Having an industry leader provide guidance and support is invaluable, and something I felt was greatly lacking in the industry when I started almost two years ago.  Having Mentors outside of your workplace allows for the sharing of ideas and a greater understanding of the strata management environment. Thank you for pairing me with Pernille, she has been a wonderful Mentor and her advice and support has been invaluable."

Why mentoring?

For potential mentees, it is a chance to connect and learn from a more experienced mentor who can offer insight, ideas, and opportunities to help you progress in your career. (FYI, in studies, it has been shown that employees with mentors are 5x more likely to get promoted!)

For mentors, this is a great chance to give back while improving your leadership and management skills by providing advice and feedback to someone who can really use your help. (FYI, Managerial productivity increased by 88% when mentoring was involved, versus only 24% with training alone!)


What is the time commitment?

It is up to each mentoring pairing to decide how much time to invest but the best connections will typically involve monthly communication, via whatever channel suits you best.


Am I eligible?

Being a mentee is open to all our members and we have no restrictions. SCA is here to support you all in personal development. You may have been in the industry for more than 5-10 years and want some guidance for your next stages of individual growth.

All mentors must have a minimum of 5 years in the strata sector. You can be a strata management firm representative, or you can be a supplier who has been heavily engaged with SCA locally.

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Mentorloop is here to support every step

The Mentorloop platform will be using automation to find the best possible match. It has user friendly features to keep all participants engaged and focused over time. It provides a pathway to success for participants through in-app milestones, event-based 'nudges', quality content and a searchable resource hub.

Sign up now!

With this program being FREE and only a limited number of places for mentors and mentees each intake, don't miss this opportunity, sign-up today using the link below.

We are excited to see the connections which evolve from this initiative and look forward to matching you with your ideal mentor or mentee!

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