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Research with the Strata Community Association


Driving comprehensive research to support the Strata Sector throughout Australia and New Zealand

SCA Ltd has created a newly formed Research and Development Board Advisory Group.


The group will provide recommendations and advice to the SCA to undertake action in a timely matter:

  • To assist in the development and implementation of the Strata Community Association’s research agenda.

  • To ensure that our research aligns with the research vision, framework and priority areas of the Association.

  • To ensure the research is within our capacity and is of a quality that can be recommended to the Board for consideration and endorsement.

  • To ‘make a difference’ and to have a major impact on strata policy and practice.

  • To guide and assist the Association in identifying key challenges globally, over the next 5 – 20 years.

  • To review the Association’s current and planned areas of focus and its activities, in terms of impact or potential for impact, on the identified key challenges.

  • To make recommendations, regarding the best strategies for the Association to pursue, to maximize its future impact on these challenges.

Bringing together Research to collate and share on the Multi-owned Properties Research Hub

Multi-owned Properties Research Incorporated is a not-for-profit association founded by a group of academics and lawyers who saw a need to collate and share research on multi-owned properties across institutional and geographic boundaries.


With more people living in multi-owned properties than ever before, governments, practitioners and residents need access to reliable research and opportunities to engage with experts across multiple disciplines. 

A data driven holistic understanding of strata insurance


In response to increased attention on strata insurance affordability and availability, regulation and the role of strata managers in strata insurance, SCA identified a need for a comprehensive, data-driven report detailing strata insurance in Australia and New Zealand,


SCA commissioned Dr Nicole Johnston, Senior Lecturer in the Department of Finance at Deakin Business School, to produce an industry-first report providing in-depth social and economic analysis of the strata industry. The purpose of the report is to aid consumers, governments, and the broader community in understanding key elements of the industry, and inform SCA’s advocacy platform for shaping the future of the industry.


The report, A data-driven holistic understanding of strata insurance in Australia in New Zealand, was launched 7 September 2021. 

Report Cover.jpg

Independent Review of Strata Insurance Practices

Phase 1 - Disclosure: Findings and Recommendations

Aligned with the growth of residency in strata titles, the strata insurance industry has expanded into a large, and highly competitive landscape. John Trowbridge, commissioned by Steadfast Brokers, has been engaged to undertake a comprehensive independent review of the strata insurance market, in order to navigate the complexity of the frameworks that support the one in five Australians that live in strata complexes, and examine solutions to issues that have arisen along the way. 

This paper is the first in a three phase series of papers aimed at identifying issues and means to improve understanding and the practical application of strata insurance practices, with the three phases focusing on:

  • Phase 1: Disclosure

  • Phase 2: Remuneration

  • Phase 3: Affordability and availability.


This phase (Phase 1) aims to identify disclosure limitations and recommended ways forward to achieve transparent disclosure for strata property owners and their strata committees.

Australasian Strata Insights Report


In 2022, SCA have again partnered with UNSW City Futures to deliver comprehensive data on the strata sector in Australia and New Zealand.

This report is an analysis on the state of the strata industry. It includes figures on the numbers of strata schemes (plans) and lots (units), the estimated numbers of people employed in the strata management industry and the estimated value of property owned under strata title.

It plays an important role in supporting ground-breaking academic research into the strata sector and facilitating international discussions, comparisons and collaborations, thus providing a voice for the broader strata community.


The 2022 report is the third instalment of strata insights published by the City Futures Research Centre, following from the first Australian National Strata Data Analysis in 2018 and the 2020 report, which analysed data for the strata industry for Australia and New Zealand

Access the Australasian Strata Insights Report 2022 here: 


You can view the 2022 State and Territory based infographics on the links below:


New Zealand









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