National Strategic Plan


The Voice of Strata


SCA Strategic Plan


Our Strategic Plan will see us focus on 6 key areas / pillars:
1.    Education and information within the sector;
2.    Communication, resources and knowledge sharing;
3.    Advocacy;
4.    Brand and Reputation;
5.    Standards of professional practices; and
6.    Governance and management


Mission Statement

The mission of Strata Community Association is to provide member services and to be the leading voice for the strata community and its members.


To be respected as the peak association in the strata industry nationally and internationally


National and International Members, lot owners, industry suppliers,
affiliated organisations, Government 



Strategic Goals


To achieve our mission, we seek to realise the strategic goals below by 2020

Educate and inform all participants within the sector

Communicate, share and source knowledge

Advocate and lobby to government, the public and other bodies

Enhance SCA Brand and sector reputation

Set and improve standards of professional practices

Govern and manage well

Strategic Goal 1 - Educate and inform all participants within the sector


  • Annual Convention and Annual Leader Forums for Principals

  • Co-ordinated Professional Education Courses

  • Mentorship

  • Robust liaison with Tertiary Sector and other stakeholders



Strategic Goal 2 - Communicate, share and source knowledge


  • SCA Ltd website and Database for all states and chapters

  • Regular e-newsletters combined with all states and chapters

  • Improved and profitable quarterly Inside Strata Magazine

  • Increased presence in social media i.e. LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

  • Regular media presence concerning the strata sector and actual topics

  • Annual Strata Benchmarking Survey

  • Library of Best Practice Resources including forms, practice and consumer guidelines

  • Clear communication pathways and processes between SCA members, affiliates and stakeholders


Strategic Goal 3 - Advocate and lobby to government, the public and other bodies



  • Have positive statements from state, territory and national/international perspectives

  • Based on position statements, obtain legislative and regulatory outcomes

  • Be seen as the public voice of the lot owner

  • Establish and develop links to organisations with aligned objectives



Strategic Goal 4 - Enhance SCA Brand and sector reputation


  • One brand standards throughout

  • Increased awareness of accredited post nominal designations

  • All states rebranded to Strata Community Association

  • SCA Awards Program and Annual President Award


Strategic Goal 5 - Set and improve standards of professional practices


  • Standardized practice guidelines for the Strata industry

  • Continuous promotion of SCA Accreditation Pathway and establishment of workable marketing plan

  • Establish Strata Supplier Accreditation

  • Actively promote the SCA Strata Management Practice Standard in all states and chapters and provide continuous support in the marketing of the same

  • Always up to date Code of Conduct  and the enforcement of the same

  • Efficient complaints procedure due to breaches of code of conduct and establish complaints system

  • Offerings of traineeships, career path and assist in the establishment of Young Manager Recruitment Campaigns


Strategic Goal 6 - Govern and manage well



  • Rollout one membership database system for all states and chapters

  • Establish sufficient staff resources with efficient office structure and increased role sharing between states

  • Regular and efficient SCA Ltd Board, State Board and CEO/GM’s meetings

  • Establish and maintain inclusive company culture and behaviour

  • Robust internal communications to Board, states and chapters

  • Establish sustainable membership target

  • Maintain Financial Sustainability of Association and Brand

  • Maintain, identify, standardize and increase sponsorship offerings

  • Review SCA Constitution to ensure it is a workable document and applicable in the achievement of the Associations and its members

  • Include NZ and other international partners as an SCA Chapter

  • Focus on shared services and work collaboratively as one organisation