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National Strategic Plan
The unified, dominant voice of Strata in Australia & New Zealand
We are dedicated to strengthening the benefits of strata now, and for the future –
One building, one community at a time.


Year 1 - 2021

Transform Profession Reputation

Objective: Transform the reputation of those who work in Strata

We will be uplifting the industry reputation by ensuring all members abide the code of conduct, have access to professional training and maintain ongoing Continued Professional Development (CPD) to be an SCA accredited member. 

We want to be a:

•    Respected, understood profession
•    Considered career choice
•    Recognised specialist profession in the property industry


Our states will drive the value of using an SCA member, specifically those who are accredited, who are voluntarily upskilling themselves to support those who live and work in strata, whether it be their fellow team members or owners.



Year 2 - 2022

Become a Household Name

Objective: Make Strata Famous

We will be letting everyone know who we are through marketing campaigns, media and public relations, future research projects and increasing our policy positions.

We want to be:

•    An industry that is known
•    Called upon by media
•    Called upon by government

It is our role to increase the awareness of Strata. We want everyone to know what Strata is and will be strengthening with state specific messaging. We have managers who live and work in strata, and we have managers are passionate to ensure that those who live in strata enjoy living in strata.


Strategic Goal 3 - 2023

The Loudest Voice in the Room


Objective: Effect change on the things that matter

We will be taking a seat at the table and will be the lone voice on specific strata matters and will be providing a combined voice on shared matters by working closely with other stakeholder groups and associations to ensure change occurs for those living and working in strata.

We want to be:

•    Leading the conversation
•    Asked for comment and input
•    Have media and politicians pick up the phone when called


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