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Implementing Sustainable Development in a Strata Business:
Demonstrate to clients that your business cares

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Consumers are demanding action on a range of fronts and they are speaking with their wallets. Consumers and businesses are increasingly making buying decisions based on the positive impact suppliers have in social and environmental areas. To remain competitive businesses need to demonstrate to clients that they are a business that cares, and is taking action, on topics that matter. 

Sustainable Development is rapidly becoming a ‘Must Do’ for businesses it is time to start making changes, but where do you start?
Larger businesses and corporates are taking the lead, but ALL Business has a vital role to play. Creating impact doesn’t need to be complex or expensive.  Creating business value through sustainable business practice and more conscious alignment of products and services will better connect you with customer demands, your workforce’s expectations and government policy. 

It can be daunting to consider aligning a small business with a global framework but it doesn’t have to be.  SDG Align is here to help simplify this and make sure you can identify actions your business can implement.

You will explore the following in this workshop series: 

  • What Sustainable Development means and why it is important for your business

  • How to prioritize action areas and Plan implementation

  • How to communicate your progress with stakeholders

  • Your role as a leader of the Sustainable Development conversation

Using the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (the basis of the 2030 agenda) as a framework ensures your business is aligned across the triple bottom line of Social, Economic and Environmental impact.

To build the business case we will explore why this is important to your business and how Doing Business for Good IS Good for business. Using the SDG Align Self-assessment tool you will identify key areas of action and create your own project plan for implementation. To kick start your journey you can also sign a shareable ‘Commitment to a sustainable future‘ and develop communication strategies to turning your impact into business value.

Be the change you want to see! Become a Sustainable Development leader to drive change in your business, your community and your industry.

Further details to come. 

About the Facilitator

Willem Overbosch - LinkedIn profile

Willem Overbosch is a Dutch serial entrepreneur and author, passionate about technology, futures thinking and sustainable development. He founded his first business in 2003 later followed by several other such as the leading Dutch publisher providing “how-to” content to business owners. In 2020 Willem, co-founded Hobart based A for purpose business on a mission to make sustainable development a business habit. His ability to think out of the box and translate complex issues into a small and medium business context makes him a sought-after keynote speaker and expert on radio and TV.   Early 2022 Willem immigrated to Australia with his wife Milou and their four kids and lives in Evans Head, NSW.  

About SDG Align
SDG Align is a Tasmanian based ‘for purpose’ Software as a Service platform provider, on a mission to make sustainable development a business habit. The platform helps Corporates, Governments and Industry Associations become Champions in Sustainable development and engage with their stakeholders. The SDG Align toolkit is recognized as a winner in the 2021 Good Design Awards (Social Impact) and recently 2022 NSW Banksia Award Sustainability award finalist. SDG Align started in 2020 and is co-founded by David Morgan (Executive Director), Willem Overbosch (CEO) and Jeremy Rose (Business development & sales) and has a head office in Hobart.

About the Strata Sustainability focus

Strata Community Association’s (SCA) vision is to unite the industry and raise our influence to create liveable, green, efficient and smart strata communities. 
Driven by the global megatrends of sustainable development, urban densification and connected technology, Australasia’s strata industry is facing  a period of significant change and opportunity. Booming real estate prices and urban sprawl have redefined the home ownership dream, as more of us swap traditional quarter acre blocks for apartment living to be near work, friends and amenities. 

Uniquely positioned at the heart of growing urbanisation, strata industry will play an increasingly powerful and influential role in ensuring the built environment of the future is home to healthy, inclusive, sustainable and prosperous communities. 

As the voice of Australasia's strata community sector, SCA is committed to educating, inspiring and supporting its members to lead the way and reap the economic, social and environmental benefits offered by sustainable development.

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