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Welcome to the Respect Pledge. You've taken the first step in joining SCA in advocating for respectful, harmonious, community living. By introducing The Pledge to your community, you're taking a step in the right direction to ensure everyone in strata has a voice, feels listened to, respects others, and is committed to a set of behaviors that encourages a respectful community environment. 

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How Can You Take The Pledge?

We've made it easy for you, simply download The Pledge, take it with you to your committee meetings or share with your team, and discuss The Pledge before signing on their behalf and sending back to SCA. If you can, take a photo of your team or committee Taking the Pledge and don't forget to upload to receive your SCA approved Respect Commitment Certificate.

We are confident that all committee and team members will be happy to Take The Pledge, after all, everyone wants to live and work in a harmonious community environment.  



1. DISTRIBUTE the document throughout your community, announcing and publicising where and when the adoption will be considered.

2. EXPLAIN why this is important to your community and the benefits it can create. 

3. REVIEW AND DISCUSS the merits of the principles at an open meeting of your committee members

4. SOLICIT INPUT from residents. 

5. HOLD A BOARD VOTE to adopt a resolution endorsing the Strata Community Respect Pledge. 


6. SHARE THE NEWS of adopting the Strata Community Respect Pledge throughout your community regularly and activities you have undertaken to build respect in your community. Post on your website, social media, and on every strata community meeting agenda. 


7. TELL SCA that you’ve adopted the Strata Community Respect Pledge. 


Upload Your Pledge Here 


Show you support SCA, download me and upload to your socials.

#WeSupportThePledge #RespectForAll

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