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SCA National
Board Members



SCA (SA/NT) President

SCA Ltd Government Relations Board Advisory Group Member

SCA Ltd Marketing & Events Board Advisory Group Member

SCA Ltd Strata Electrical Vehicle Infrastructure Taskforce

Joshua has been in the industry since 2011 and there hasn’t been a type of title he hasn’t managed.

He knows all about community living, being heavily involved in community volunteering he is able to draw from all walks of life.

Currently Joshua is the President of Strata Communities Australia SA Chapter and has a keen interest in ensuring that the local industry focuses on the important factors surrounding community management.

He continues to lobby key decisions makers to ensure that improve the Body corporate sector continues to grow. With involvement in key strategic leadership roles across many local and national companies, Joshua brings a fresh and diverse approach to the industry.



To improve the governance of SCA Ltd, all Board Members have for disclosure of conflict of interest completed a Register of Interests. Also, to reinforce what is implicit in being a Member they have agreed to abide by SCA Ltd Board Confidentiality Policy.


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