NZ President Report

It gives me great pleasure to report as your President what we have achieved during the financial year ended 30 June 2019. There are many areas that we have either made significant progress in or have plans for the coming financial year.

Property is New Zealand’s largest single industry according to economists and research analysts, Urban Economics. Not a day goes by where there is not mention of it in the news and current affairs.

We continue to navigate through challenging legislation, a construction boom, leaky buildings, building, cladding and passive fire defects and the mosaic that is strata, while in the background driving the paradigm shift in creating better body corporates, communities and educating. However, we also need to focus on that unconscious frame of internal growth and development that we so often forget about in the day to day grind.

While we jest from time to time, the challenges we face are very much an echo of those experienced and spoken about by my fellow Presidents and colleagues, we continue to develop and learn in leaps and bounds, not just from our trans-Tasman partners but internationally through both trial when disaster strikes, or through ingenuity and technology.  We continue to absorb and be grateful for all the knowledge sharing, resources and relationship building.

SCA(NZ) was established to form a united voice and champion the Strata industry in New Zealand. As human beings we are a social species that rely on interaction to survive and thrive. Much like society, our industry can support evolution by promoting interconnections between previously segregated areas.

This chimes with our current drive to grow our networks and dialogue with other Associations and Institutes, including the Property Council and Law Societies.

Stakeholder Engagement

And while the strata industry and SCA(NZ) as the peak National Industry Body stays abreast of a burgeoning industry amidst inadequate regulation, the government is also considering making changes to the minimum standards for residential rental properties and asking landlords, tenants and other interested people to have their say on proposed changes to the Residential Tenancies Act, Healthy Homes Regulation, Urban Development Legislation & Earthquake Commission Inquiry. 

I sit on the Better Body Corporates working group for Legislative reform, initiated by the Hon Nikki Kaye. The group continues to drive this initiative and will shortly be petitioning, so please harness both your colleagues, associates, clients and suppliers support when the time comes.

We strongly believe as the Government push density and therefore multi-unit development the need for reform, and those of us supporting it, including SCA(NZ) will continue to drive to resolve the core problems.

Earlier this year we met with Housing New Zealand and the Property Council to discuss synergies between the various entities in addressing key factors facing both the wider Housing and Property sectors and the fundamental Strata component within. Both were very supportive of collaboration.

Activities from July 2018 to June 2019

Some highlights over the past 12 months include the following activities:

  • Annual Symposium with Auckland District Law Society held in September 2018 and discussed the following:

o    The flawed concept of utility interests and their reassessments 
o    Purchasing unit title properties: Avoiding the pitfalls 
o    Putting the spotlight on Airbnb and short-term accommodation 
o    Fighting fires: Problems and possible solutions 
o    Covenants and encumbrances in the context of unit titles and bodies corporate 
o    Cases: A review, analysis and insights 
o    Benefit assessments (The dramas of S126)

  • Christmas Party in November 2018    

  • Networking drinks in March 2019 together with ACSL

  • NZ100 Introduction to Living and Working in the Strata Community 3-day education program end of April 2019

  • Committee Training

  • Strata Managers Round Table ‘Strata Chat’

These activities and more are being driven from our executive committee, and I would like to thank each of them for the extra time, energy and effort they have contributed in order to make it possible to take on extra initiatives that will improve the experience for our members, sponsors and our clients.  

Strategic Session

Whilst we have achieved much in the past year, and it is good to celebrate the successes we have had, it is always with an eye to the future and the greater tasks ahead. In April, we held a strategy session to review the Australasia Strategic Plan and identify the areas we would focus on within New Zealand. It was agreed that we would focus on the following 3 pillars from the overarching 6 pillars, while still maintaining the others:
1.     Educate and inform all participants within the sector
3.     Advocate and lobby to government, the public and other bodies
4.     Enhance SCA brand and sector reputation


Industries have never been more at risk of disruption and with the number of disciplines covered by the Strata sector, we are in the unique position of being able to adapt and evolve at an unprecedented rate. While still always having the security of knowing the human element allows us to use forums such as SCA and our rapidly growing network to manipulate behaviour, improve perception and enhance dopamine!

As we journey through this transition and identify what’s right, what works, and what doesn’t for the Strata sector, no matter what the threat is… It’s comforting to know, we’re in this together!

Australasian Update

On the topic of our united strength as one voice, at our Australasian Council meeting in November 2018 we formally welcomed Alisha Fisher as our new SCA CEO and Andrew Chambers as SCA President. Both came to us with a wealth of experience and I am truly excited at the positive and proactive dynamic brewing.

Across Australia and New Zealand, SCA has been working closely together to improve the Advocacy, Best Practice, and Education for our members. Over the past 12 months head office in Sydney has:

  • Australasian Council Meeting in WA 

  • Submitted a response to the ACCC Northern Australia Insurance Inquiry.

  • Hosted members on the SCA International Study Tour 2019 in Japan

  • Held the SCA Australasian Conference 2019 in Auckland (after strong canvassing from our very own!)

  • Launched the Strata Management Practice Standard

  • Updated Committee Training Program for Owners; and

  • Increased in SCA Trainers


New projects happening nationally for SCA which will provide value to New Zealand members include:

  • The biennial Australia and New Zealand Strata Data Report 2020

  • Developing a draft Building Manual Guideline to support body corporate managers and Suppliers to the sector from recommendations in the Shergold Weir Report 

  • Migration to a new membership database with a cloud-based platform

  • Updating the SCA Website

  • Australasian aligned Accreditation Program

  • Aligning Head Office Services through Service Level Agreements to support all chapters

  • New eLearning Platform to get a broad reach to all body corporate managers, suppliers and owners

  • Developing the Diploma in Strata Community Management; and

  • Developing an education program for Suppliers.

Now, more so than ever, our professional standing and credibility makes a difference to how our professional services are valued, clarity to our direction and to raise the profile of the Association. With the global recognition of CAI and SCA behind us everyone in the sector benefits equally from our successes. Thank you again to all those whose unwavering support, guidance and loyalty has contributed to where we are today.

I would like to acknowledge and thank all our partners. Without their support, none of this would be possible. Our Partners for this past FY include Solutions in Engineering, as well as our Rothbury Insurance Brokers.

2019 has been all about collaboration and I am very positive about the future for SCA (NZ). We are so privileged to have had the ongoing support of all our Australasian colleagues and I am so grateful for all their ongoing input, knowledge and resource sharing. 

Finally, I would like to thank my 2018/19 Executive: Elizabeth Bennie, Clinton Baker, Liza Fry-Irvine, David Watt, Thomas Gibbons, Scott Cracknell, & retired members Katerina Wendt & Andrew Yovich (& Adrianna for keeping his seat warm), and of course, last, but no means least, all our members nationally for their ongoing support.

"Individual commitment to a group effort - that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilisation work." - Vince Lombardi

Joanne Barreto

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