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Benefits of Choosing a
Strata Manager with Accreditation



Opting for a strata manager with advanced accreditation offers numerous benefits for strata property owners seeking the highest level of expertise and service quality. By choosing an accredited manager, strata property owners can have confidence in the long-term success and sustainability of their strata communities.

Expertise and Specialised Knowledge: Strata managers with advanced accreditation typically possess a deeper understanding of complex strata management issues compared to their standard counterparts. Their specialised training equips them with the knowledge and skills needed to effectively address a wide range of challenges that may arise within strata communities. From financial management and legal compliance to conflict resolution and maintenance planning, accredited managers offer expertise that goes beyond the basics.


Accredited Enhanced Problem-Solving Abilities: Advanced accreditation signifies a higher level of competency in analysing and resolving complex issues within strata properties. Accredited managers have the capacity to navigate intricate legal and regulatory frameworks, anticipate potential problems, and implement proactive solutions to mitigate risks. Their ability to think critically and strategically allows them to address challenges efficiently, minimising disruptions and maximising the overall wellbeing of the strata community.


Commitment to Continued Professional Development: One of the key requirements for maintaining advanced accreditation is a commitment to continued professional development (CPD). Accredited strata managers are required to stay abreast of industry developments, participate in ongoing training programs, and continually update their skills and knowledge base. This dedication ensures that accredited managers remain at the forefront of their field, equipped with the latest insights, techniques, and innovations in strata management.


Assurance of High-Quality Service: A strata manager with advanced accreditation provides strata property owners with assurance of receiving high-quality service that exceeds industry standards. Accredited managers are held to rigorous ethical standards, ensuring that they uphold the highest levels of professionalism, integrity, and accountability in their work. By selecting an accredited manager, strata property owners can trust that their strata community is in capable hands, with management practices that prioritise transparency, efficiency, and excellence.


Below are our SCA (ACT) Chapter Members with Accreditation:


Honorary Fellow Strata Community Manager


Janet Browne, HFSCM

Bridge Strata Pty Ltd

Nina Cannell, HFSCM

Signature Strata Pty Limited

Fellow Strata Community Manager


Christopher Miller, FSCM

Vantage Strata Pty Ltd

Tim Maly, FSCM

LJ Hooker Strata ACT

Certified Strata Community Manager


Nicole Robb, CSCM

Signature Strata Pty Limited

Steve Wiebe, CSCM

Bridge Strata Pty Ltd

Accredited Strata Community Manager


Belinda Read, ASCM

First Choice Strata Ltd

Brittany Durand, ASCM

Vantage Strata Pty Ltd

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