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With the current situation COVID-19 (Coronavirus) the Strata Community Association is committed to providing our members across Australia and New Zealand the education they need to continue the growth and improvement of their staff and businesses. 

We have a developed a dedicated online education platform that has webinars and resources on a myriad of topics that will ensure that our members do not miss out on critical CPD training during this period. Many of these webinars have been adapted from face-to-face training we were planning, so we hope this digital option allows for us to reach more members than ever. 

Live Webinar - Underinsurance In Strata

15 October 2020

10:00am to 11:00am AEDT

SCA (ACT) platinum sponsor, CHU, is presenting a live webinar on Underinsurance in Strata. At the completion of this webinar, attendees will understand the legal obligations to ensure strata title properties, whose responsibility this is and how to identify and minimise any risks and/or legal exposure.

1 CPD Point

A100 - Introduction to Living and Working in the Strata Community



Online course covering Legal Basis for Community Associations; Community Management & Leadership; Financial Management. Assessment Only available for those with Cert IV in SCM

Strata Leading Change Forum: Sharing Economy

20 October 2020

10:30am - 3:10pm AEDT

Most of us have had experience with the impacts of Airbnb on strata and the property industry, but with other property-based sharing economy players emerging and either carving properties into smaller pieces (Bricklets) or renting out private car spaces (Parkhound), what does it mean for strata managers?

The Forum will feature two guest speakers – Dr Laura Crommelin, Research Lecturer at the City Futures Research Centre, UNSW and Colin Grace from Grace Lawyers, who will work through case studies, go over the current state of play of the sharing economy and the legal implications. As well as examine how should strata managers prepare for potential disruptions from sharing economy providers.

2 CPD Points

#RecycleRight in your Multi-Unit Development


ACT NoWaste helps businesses and ACT residents manage their waste streams, move towards less waste and recycle right.

1 CPD Point

Owner Committee Training



Online course covering Governance, Planning for the Future, Committee Operations, Finance & Facility Management

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