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SCA (NSW) Director & Treasurer

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Tony Irvine is one of those unique strata managers who has experience not only in strata management but also as a strata service provider. While he has been at Director of Irvine Strata Management for seven years, he also spent four years as Chief Operating Officer at MaxSoft, a company well-known to the industry.

Tony’s career started in banking and completing a post-grad from University of Western Sydney. Overall he spent 20 years at Westpac and CBA before joining Maxsoft.

He says a career highlight occurred after six months of operations when he had that ‘uh ha’ moment. That moment was when he realised that having worked for wages for 25 years, strata management was what he wanted to be doing for the next ten years and that his family would be supported through the business success. The business now employs eight people and is growing although Tony is anticipating that the recent changes to the legislation will have positive effects on the business.



To improve the governance of SCA Ltd, all Board Members have for disclosure of conflict of interest completed a Register of Interests. Also, to reinforce what is implicit in being a Member they have agreed to abide by SCA Ltd Board Confidentiality Policy.


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