ACT President Report

Heading into the 2019 Annual General Meeting I am pleased to reflect on my first 12 months as President of SCA (ACT) and highlight some of our collective achievements, while also contemplating opportunities for improvement in the coming year.  

The property industry is the ACT’s second largest non-government employer. And the second largest overall employer - with 1 in 7 people drawing their wage directly from the property industry. One of my stated objectives when accepting the position of President in November last year was to improve the public’s understanding of how the Strata sector fits into the story of property, and the role our sub sector plays within the broader economy.  

As we navigate through that largest wholesale review of our legislation in more than decade, we have benefited from an enhanced focus on our industry from; government, press and adjacent industry groups (such as the Property Council). We have taken advantage of this attention by leveraging the media to publish stories across a range of topics.   

The ACT continues to ride through a construction boom, issues such as leaky buildings, cladding and passive fire defects and the mosaic that is strata - while in the background continuing to drive our industry towards internal growth and development in the form of education. The foundations of enhanced education pathways were laid by my predecessor and as an industry it is critical that we continue momentum in this area by supporting A-100 courses and other learning initiatives.  

Of note has been the spirit of collaboration between SCA members in the past year (and prior). There is a genuine environment of knowledge sharing and idea generation that I have not previously experienced on such a wholesale level. This plays out in the discourse of the ACT board; however, it is also evident between rank and file Strata Managers and between businesses.  

Somewhat disappointingly, I have had limited success engaging non-members to reconsider joining the fold. However, some green shoots are starting to appear, and we have extended invitations to the likes of Civium Strata, ACT Strata and Grady Strata to join in discussions and relevant industry briefings from time to time. I am hopeful that this will result in a renewed interest in joining the SCA in an official capacity when the time is right.  

Another key priority at my election last year was to improve the quality and attendance of our events. I am pleased to say most of our events were well attended, and overall, we ran a profitable events calendar. The quality of events was somewhat of a mixed bag, and this is certainly an area that requires further effort and attention. I am pleased to point to a couple of standout functions that will set the bar of our future expectations for the coming year, such as the Strata Law session run by McInnes Wilson, the boardroom lunch with Minister Mick Gentleman and this year’s awards evening.   


As 2019 ends it occurs to me that, despite the many and varied challenges faced by our industry, there is a palpable atmosphere of excitement for the future. Now, more so than ever, our professional standing and credibility makes a difference to how our professional services are valued. With support for each other, and with SCA national behind us, everyone in the sector benefits equally from our successes.  

Thank you to my loyal, patient and trusting board who have always pulled up the slack, given that we are a small and lightly resourced group. Thank you also to Shari for keeping me on track (which is a task in itself) and keeping the board organised.  

Finally, I would like to acknowledge and thank all our partners. Without their support, none of this would be possible. Our Platinum Partner for this past year - CHU, as well as our Gold Partner Touchdown. I am excited to see Savil and BCB come on as Gold Sponsors more recently.  

I am very positive about the future for SCA (ACT). I look forward to working with the board, sponsors and our national body, with the goal of providing the highest level of service to strata managers and suppliers throughout the ACT. 

Chris Miller

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