ACT President Report

I am pleased to reflect on my first 12 months as President of SCA (ACT) and highlight some of our collective achievements, whilst also contemplating opportunities in the coming year.

As we navigated through the largest wholesale review of our legislation in more than a decade, we have benefited from an enhanced focus on our industry from government, media and adjacent industry groups such as the Property Council. We have leveraged this attention gaining traction in the media.

We have built on a solid education foundation, created by my predecessor – which is critical as the ACT continues to ride through a major construction boom and a growing legacy of building defects. We reiterate our call on ACT strata managers to continue supporting the A100 and other learning initiatives. While combustible cladding has not been quite as prominent an issue in the ACT as in other states, it is emerging as a major concern with little to no government leadership.

SCA (ACT) has been very active throughout COVID19 and I commend our members in their patience and outstanding skills in helping to ensure the government is aware of the essential services that the strata industry provides.

Owners Corporations have a statutory obligation to hold meetings and it is critical to avoid a situation whereby the Executive Committee must choose between holding a meeting in a high-risk environment or being in breach of their duty under the Act. SCA (ACT) continue to be in contact with the state government and other key players in this situation – such as the Australian College of Strata Lawyers. Please know that we are busy working to keep members and employees safe in both their homes and their workplaces.

A priority at my election was to improve the quality and attendance of our events. I am pleased to point out a couple of standout functions that will set the bar for future expectations; ‘Strata Law’ run by McInnes Wilson Lawyers, the Boardroom lunch with Minister Mick Gentleman and this year’s Annual Awards.

Chris Miller




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